Description / Explanation

The Rzeszów Metropolitan Telecommunication Network (MTN) is a highly innovative wireless network based on point-to-multipoint 26GHz technology. It was developed in cooperation with VSAT System sj and Cambridge Broadband Networks (CBNL) and is estimated to have increased broadband penetration from approximately 15.6% (Households with broadband access 2005-2010, according to OECD data) to up to 80%. The results are clear: over 500 Wi-Fi hot spots offer broadband to under-served homes and economic areas, 172 schools and city buildings have superfast broadband of up to 200Mbps, whilst 400 CCTV cameras monitor traffic and public safety. Connectivity for an Intelligent Transport System has reduced travel time by up to 6 minutes on some of the city’s busiest roads, with road capacity increasing by up to 40%. Most impressively, the network reduced the City’s annual telecommunication costs from EUR 235 000 to just EUR 94 000 – representing a 60% reduction in cost. The Rzeszów Metropolitan Telecommunication Network MTN has grown to become one of the most advanced broadband networks in Europe and a blueprint for leveraging the most advanced licensed and unlicensed wireless techniques to drive long-term socio-economic gains.