Description / Explanation

Next Generation Broadband Wales (known publicly as Superfast Cymru - the Welsh word for Wales) is bringing superfast broadband access to areas of Wales which otherwise wouldn’t receive it. Before the project began in 2013, the vast majority of rural Wales had no access to fast, reliable broadband connections. These communities and businesses had been deemed economically unviable to reach by commercial telecommunications companies. Superfast Cymru is a Welsh Government project enabled by support from the EU and UK Government. The project has extended infrastructure to provide superfast broadband access to vast parts of Wales. In 2012, only circa 550 000 of 1.3 million premises in Wales could access superfast broadband speeds. Those with access were predominantly in urban areas. Superfast Cymru has since delivered superfast broadband access to 630 000 additional premises, which otherwise wouldn’t receive it, more than doubling the availability of the service across Wales. 60 000 additional premises are set to gain access by the end of the project in December 2017, predominantly through FttP at >100Mbps.