Currently 49% of European citizens are aware that the European emergency number 112 can be used across the Union in case of emergency. The European Commission takes specific actions to increase this awareness.

Communication and awareness-raising campaigns

February 11 is the European 112 Day. On this day, different awareness and networking activities are organised throughout the EU in order to promote the existence and use of Europe's single emergency number.

The latest E-communications household Eurobarometer survey (18 February 2014) shows how much people know about 112 across the EU.

Monitoring the implementation of emergency communications and 112

The European Electronic Communications Code requires the Commission to submit a report on the effectiveness of the implementation of the European emergency number ‘112’ to the European Parliament and to the Council.

The 2020 report, adopted on 15 December, is the first one implementing this obligation. The Commission will report to the European Parliament and the Council every two years.

Previous data gatherings on the implementation of 112

Supporting 112 projects

The European Commission, as part of its research activities, is financing different projects related to the European emergency number 112, such as: