The Future Internet Forum is a registered group which aims to exchange views on the research programme Horizon 2020 topics relating to "Future Networks" (5G, Cloud, Next-Generation Internet and Internet of Things).

About the Future Internet Forum

The FIF is a registered group composed of representatives of the Member States and Associated Countries. It consists of officials from the competent ministries and/or experts from public or private institutions mandated specifically to represent national Future Internet (FI) initiatives. The forum meets twice a year (in the context of the Net Futures Conference or other events like the ICT Conference) and is the place where Member States and Associated Countries can:

  • share knowledge, experience and best practices,
  • identify key national actors, activities and institutions,
  • devise common approaches and complementarities between the various frameworks.

The group is expected, by way of considered opinions, recommendations or reports, to provide information on relevant objectives and scientific, technological and innovation programmes, activities and priorities, and to share good practices and roadmaps.

As well as bringing forward their own collective expertise, the FIF is expected to be a focal point for processing inputs from across society related to the Future Internet and its societal impacts. The forum will therefore support outreach, facilitating the Commission services' dialogue with a wider group of stakeholders cutting across the value chain, from technology to applications, from research and development to innovation and take-up. In that context, the FIF may decide to liaise with other fora, such as the 5G Association, the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIoTI) and the Cloud Select Industry Group (C-SIG), as well as relevant European Innovation Partnerships (EIPs) and European Technology Platforms (ETPs).


FIF Horizon 2020 (from 2016 onwards)

FIF (2009-2015 - last three meetings)