• DSM cloud stakeholder working groups on cloud switching and cloud security certification
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    The Digital Single Market (DSM) cloud stakeholder working groups were established following the Commission's legislative proposals of 13 September 2017 on the free flow of non-personal data and cyber security. Their objective was to conduct self-regulatory work in the areas of cloud security and porting data/switching cloud service providers. The self-regulatory group on porting data was active from December 2017 to May 2020. The self-regulatory group on cloud security submitted its final recommendations to the Commission in June 2019.
  • The European Data Flow Monitoring
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    Monitoring data flows across the European Union’s territory is of strategic importance to EU decision-making and investment choices in the area of cloud computing. It is also key to assess the competitiveness of the European digital economy based on the analysis of current and future patterns of data flows while fostering the free movement of data principle across the EU economy. Therefore, the European Commission is currently working on setting up the European Data Flow Monitoring which will map data flows across the EU territory.
  • International cooperation on cloud computing
    A number of policy and joint research initiatives in the context of the international cooperation have already been put in place with Japan, Brazil and South Korea. Their role in meeting our Digital Single Market objectives is being evaluated.
  • Cloud computing
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    Cloud computing is fundamental for a genuine and competitive single market for data and services. It is an essential condition for an innovative economy. The Commission’s recent Data Strategy aims to enable access to more secure, sustainable, interoperable, environmentally friendly and scalable cloud infrastructures and services for European businesses.
  • European Cloud Partnership
    The European Cloud Partnership (ECP) was established under the 2012 European Cloud Strategy and provided its Trusted Cloud Europe report to the Commission in March 2014.