• Secure solutions for the Internet of Things
    Internet of Things (IoT) devices play a key role in ensuring the resilience of networks and keeping data private and secure. But the increasing trend in the complexity of cybersecurity threats highlights the need for more robust security frameworks for IoT devices networks. To address this issue, the European Commission presented in December 2020 a comprehensive Cybersecurity Strategy for the Digital Decade, where it foresees a path towards a widespread Internet of Secure Things. Launched in January 2018, the security cluster of IoT projects addresses the shortcomings of devices and networks by developing secure and modular frameworks that can be integrated in new and existing solutions for assisted living, healthcare, manufacturing, food supply, energy, and transport. This cluster consists of eight projects, amounting to €40 million (around €5 million each) in EU funding. The cluster has produced noteworthy results in their target sectors, and although the applications are specialised, the open-source modular development approach used by the projects allows the modules to be reused in other solutions for a broader spectrum of applications.
  • Large-scale pilots in the digitisation of agriculture
    Over the last 5 years, the Commission has set up various large-scale pilots to drive the digitisation of agriculture in Europe. A multitude of use cases have demonstrated that using innovative digital solutions can help control cattle mineral intake, increase milk production or enable the early detection of diseases in livestock. By relying on crop sensors and ear tags, farmers can now continue their daily operations producing more whilst reducing their environmental impact, thanks to EU funding received by projects in the agri-food sector. Many of the digital solutions piloted in these projects are already available on the market, used today in real-life applications.
  • Mapping Internet of Things innovation clusters in Europe
    The study provides a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics, the drivers, characteristics and success factors that have led to the creation of the existing Internet of Things innovation clusters in the European Union. It also provides guidance to read the key information about these clusters.
  • Industrial platforms and large scale pilots
    Digital industrial platforms are key to placing Europe in the lead for digital transformation, as they make the bridge between technology building blocks on the one hand and industrial applications on the other.
  • The Internet of Things
    Internet of Things (IoT) merges physical and virtual worlds, creating smart environments. The European Commission actively cooperates with industry, organisations and academic institutions in order to unleash the potential of the IoT technology across EU Member States and beyond.