The Unit is a centre of competence for Cloud and Software, responsible for the development and implementation of the DSM policy on Cloud and Free Flow of Data (FFD) and of European software strategy. The Unit leads on the implementation of DSM Cloud policies, including cloud certification, contracts, codes of conduct and switching of cloud services providers and promotes industry-driven public/private collaboration aiming at consolidating European research, innovation and procurement, while promoting environmentally friendly cloud-based technologies. The Unit supports standardisation, regulation and self-regulation with the objective of promoting the wide take-up of cloud services by enhancing trust and confidence, notably through interoperability, data-portability, data protection and security. The Unit leads on the DSM actions on Free Flow of Data, including completion and follow-up on required legislative initiatives and coordination of action on the emerging issues. The Unit promotes a European software strategy, focused in particular on Open Source Software.

Responsible Person

Head of Unit
Pierre Chastanet


+32-2-29 84557