Quarantine Days

Brian Richards - Quarantine DaysQu

Our Lady Takes a Dip

Billie Chernicoff - Our Lady Takes a Dip

4 Poems

Robert Hogg - 4 Poems for Dispatches

From an “Epic without Organs” (cont’d)

Since our most recent adventure, the memory of a bad dream has stirred in the hollow of my soul, like the dark Metallic echoes said to haunt…

Two Poets Presented by Ammiel Alcalay

Alcalay-Two Poets for Dispatches

Ammiel Alcalay on Ezra Pound’s Canto XLV

I was recently solicited by an on-line journal to write a short piece on a poem that I was “holding close” during these trying times. Though I knew…

Dispatch #52: Boycott the Poetry Foundation

POETS! It is time to cancel your subscriptions to Poetry Magazine and sever all relations with PoFo, Inc. activities. Please see here Ask the Poetry…

Chicago Tribune on the Poetry Foundation Petition

For other signers of the petition — like poet Michael Boughn, who co-edits Dispatches From the Poetry Wars — this is the latest evidence of the…

New book by Dispatches Editor Kent Johnson [link]

New book by Dispatches Editor Kent Johnson with a stunning cover by the one and only  Michael Basinski Because of Poetry, I Have a Really Big House…

Poetics for the More-than-Human World: An Anthology of Poetry and Commentary

POETICS  FOR THE MORE-THAN-HUMAN WORLD: An Anthology of Poetry and Commentary

Dispatch #51: Seven Propositions for the Poetry Foundation

Dear Poetry Foundation, As of today, 4/26/2020, nearly 1,400 poets have signed a petition addressed to you, initiated during this National Poetry…

As One Listens to Dust

Anthony Seidman - Dispatches, Revised

Plague Litany

John Bradley - Plague LitanyPlague Litany

2 Poems

Eliot Katz - 2 Poems

Dispatch #50 — Ubi es, Poetry Foundation?

  Why so utterly silent, Poetry Foundation? The petition put out by speCt books, pleading with you to turn just a small amount of your $250…

excerpts from a Flea the Size of Paris

Byrne-Mancini_Flea selection with intro

extract from A Ticket to Trilce

MTC Cronin -- from Ticket to Trilce

Two Essays on the Military-Literary Complex

The Military-Literary Complex [Originally Published in jadaliyya (June 13, 2014)] Poetry cannot serve as an emotional bandage for the blood and guts…

Provincialism and the Gentrification of Anglo-American Poetry, Part II [link]

Duchamp abolished art, Apollinaire abolished punctuation, Joyce abolished the novel, Stein abolished narrative time, Artaud abolished literature, and…

Urgent! Demand that the Poetry Foundation Step Up in the Covid-19 Crisis and Immediately Put Its Capital where Its Poetic Mouth Is

The esteemed poet and translator Jennifer Scappettone has just put out the following urgent petition on her Twitter feed. Dispatches from the Poetry…

How Not to Read — Celan, by Andrés Ajens, tr. Erín Moure with Anthony Seidman

                  How Not To Read Celan_Ajens_tr.EM w AS_11Apr_final

Letter by Murat Nemet-Nejat to Dispatches, with Some Translations of Ilhan Berk and a Brief Essay

A month or so ago, I exchanged some thoughts with Murat Nemet-Nejat about the “neo-baroque,” a term Nemet-Nejat uses in relation to contemporary…

Emily Post-Avant: Her Final Posting for Dispatches– “Postcard from a Dying Poet” 4/9/20

  Postcard from a Dying Poet —for my friend, Étienne D’Abattoir   Many years ago, about a year before he died, I received a postcard from a…