3 Pieces

Robert Masterson - 3 pieces

A Letter and Poem to Dispatches on the Current Crisis, from Elliott Colla, Director of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Georgetown University

Dear Dispatches Apologies for how long it’s taken me to reply for real. The truth is, I’ve been overwhelmed by the shitstorm we’re heading into. I’m…

Review of Rosemary Manno’s Marseille

Rosemary Manno_Marseille_Julien Poirier

The Reluctant Assassin: Reviews and Reflections: Kestrel Elegy

   The streets are mostly empty.  I don’t mind.  I am a walker, and I find the city peaceable.  I should have stayed at home writing drastic,…

The Strange & Amazing Infection

Jade M Steele - The Strange and Amazing Infection

Microreviews, Vol. 16

  Vertigo & Ghost Fiona Benson Random House UK ($12.66) The law firm of Vertigo & Ghost will defend any client, no matter how…

Two Letters: One to Mark Nowak and another in reply to Chris Fischbach, Publisher of Coffee House Press, regarding a troubling matter in Nowak’s recent book, Social Poetics

  [Versions of the following two letters were emailed by Kent Johnson to Mark Nowak and Chris Fischbach, respectively, on March 25th. The one…

Joel Oppenheimer, Marriage Poem

From Ragged Lion Press in England:

The Trump Plague spreads

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2 Poems

Dan Zimmerman - 2 Poems

I Dreamt Us Having A Pure Son and Father Moment [link]

A reversed perspective of Kent Johnson’s “I Dreamt Us Having A Pure Father and Son Moment” I Dreamt Us Having A Pure Son and Father Moment

Emily Post-Avant, on the Presence of Poetical Spookiness in a Time of Plague, 3/19/20

  Dear Emily Post-Avant, Me here again. I trust you’re hanging on, (despite your pretty flipped last sortie). Confusing times, yes? So,…

La Dernière Mode (Poétique) #3 (revised)

La Dernière mode03_revision_compressed

from Epic without Organs

André Spears -Epic without Organs 1-5

4 Poems

Pat Nolan - 4 Poems

At a Chinese Restaurant, in LA

A bland room with peeling beige wallpaper and mind- numbing paintings which were apathetically arranged on the walls. The restaurant's demeanor…

Working Notes on Ballad Practice 1

[See also Ballad Practice — 3 Ballads, by Richard Owens] THE MAST The species of an eye with the neck of an owl—a circumspect specimen that carefully…

Ballad Practice — 3 Ballads

[See also Working Notes on Ballad Practice 1, by Richard Owens]   https://youtu.be/f-VlvMHzsrY…

Covid Kids, Part 1

Julien Poirier - Covid Kids, Part 1

Projective Verse, Space-time, and Attention

  Joe Safdie - Projective Verse, Spaace-time, and Attention

Pantokrator Poems


March 19 — Poem for Iraq

Elliott Colla - March 19—poem for Iraq

Edward Dorn, Satire, and the Via Negativa

Joe Safdie - Dorn and the Via NegativaEd Dorn and the Via Negativa