PoBiz indexes, largely undisturbed in the last two quarters by the #MeToo phenomenon, ticked upward in palpable relief this week, on news that Wesleyan UP, PoFo, Inc., and The Great Philadelphia Poetry Warehouse and Media Center, Ltd. have apparently decided to hedge their bets regarding abuse and violence allegations made by a group of female poets against Wesleyan’s best-selling male miniaturist experimental author.

Markets were slightly rattled last week after Wave Books, Inc. suddenly and surprisingly severed all associations with the fingered poet, withdrawing his book from any further mention or advertising.

In the wake of Wave Inc.’s announcement, numerous large male stakeholders in avant poetry portfolios rushed to sell or park shares in mainstream bonds and money instruments, causing a brief surge in long-term, lower-price Creative Writing futures. Though not yet approaching panic proportions, these moves and sales by typically bullish male avant investors have temporarily shaken aggressive-growth markets that have remained remarkably robust for the past decade and more.

Rob Archilochus, editor of the highly regarded newsletter You Too Can Invest in Poetry Futures, warned this reporter of storm clouds on the PoBiz horizon:

Erstwhile startups like the PoFo, Inc., The Great Philadelphia Poetry Warehouse and Media Center, Ltd., Wesleyan UP, and Wave Inc. exploded in value following IPO moves in the mid-aughts, altering market structures and values in fundamental ways, not just domestically, but abroad, as well, not least in the booming Chinese market. These corporations, along with a few others, are fundamental to ongoing maintenance of, and confidence in, market alignments and positional reliability, especially for their academically professional stock clientele. If there is another disturbance like the one caused by Wave Inc., we could be seeing much higher levels of instability, including, for example, devastating losses in revenue by key supplier industries like AWP Global.

As of this report, full page ads for the miniaturist poet in question were still up at blue-chip PoFo, Inc., GPPW&MC, Ltd., and Wesleyan UP. Attempts by Dispatches to elicit comments from them went unanswered. A call to the offices of Wave Inc. was answered by the secretary to President Mitt Zaprider who informed this reporter that Dispatches’ request for an interview would be relayed once Mr. Zaprider returned from a trip to Dubai and Beijing, where the company, she let on, is exploring new investment options.

In other PoBiz news, tech upstart Astro Poets LLC stock spiked over 1000% in the last quarter, while various Left Poetry listings in volatile, lately overperforming sectors, dropped precipitously. Meanwhile, the North American Free Poetry Agreement is once again under threat as The Three Amigos (Beanstock, Rottenburgher, and Creative Writing Ph.D. candidate Yeeps) increased their attempts to corner the Innovative Poetry Sector by expanding their attacks on former Proprioceptive Resistance Front (PRF) leader Charles Olson, to now include anyone who was moved by his work opposing Scholastic Poetry and Poetics. Most recently, Yeeps has attempted to dismiss revolutionary poet and street fighter, Amiri Baraka, as an Uncle Tom, because of his support for Olson’s radical poetry. Asked to comment on Yeeps’s move, cosmic commentator Benjamin Hollander stated: “Yeeps should get out of school before he starts dissing people who gave their lives to actually fighting for justice in the streets rather than making pronouncements from a hermetically sealed university classroom. The guy wants to trade on his bourgeois Tijuana childhood to make himself some kind exotic Mexican Zapatista intellectual,” Hollander said, laughing. “Of course, the guilty white “far-lefties” in Academia eat that up. But truth is that Yeeps wouldn’t last five minutes in Amiri’s Newark hood.”