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Words, Loves 1980 — Robert Creeley and Ken Belford

See also "Spot -- a rediscovered poem by Robert Creeley" BELFORD WORDS LOVES (2)

An extract from A Life of Olson, & a Sequence of Glyphs on his Life, Work, & Times

Dispatches Editions and Spuyten Duyvil Press are delighted to announce the imminent publication of the new biography of Charles Olson, A Life of…

Spot – a rediscovered poem by Robert Creeley

While preparing for the “Words, Loves” conference in Prince George, BC in the winter of 1980, Barry McKinnon received by mail two poems from Robert…

Joanne — A novel from the inside out

Dispatches is pleased to present this document by Joanne Kyger — Joanne, a novel from the inside out, first published by Angel Hair Press in 1970.…

Pandemic Poetics, or Navigating the Shifting Forces of Social Gravity

Last week Monica de la Torre remarked, in effect, that in pandemic isolation with its suspension of normal social interaction she experienced a…

Special Dispatch: Dispatches archive to be housed at Simon Fraser University Library

Dispatches is extremely pleased to announce that the Simon Fraser University Library In Vancouver BC has agreed to host our archive. It couldn’t be a…

“Daddy Nixon” (1974), by Ahmed Fouad Negm (Aḥmad Fu’ād Najm) — tr. Ahmed Hassan and Elliott Colla

On the Rebel Egyptian Poet Ahmed Fouan Negm Elliott Colla is Director of Undergraduate Studies of the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies at…

Shelter in Poems

Joe Safdie - shelter in poems

My Mother-in-Law’s Apple Tree by Sardar Aziz, tr. Pshtewan Kamal Babakir and David Shook 

A few days ago, during a nighttime rainstorm, the apple tree finally toppled over. Although we all expected this, no one was emotionless at its…

4 Vispo pieces

libro no libro, je livre le livre, livro me

Six Poems by Peter Burghardt

  Dispatches Peter Burghardt

A Void

Gavin Bantock - A VOID

Dispatch #53: A Heads Up on What’s Coming Your Way, Dear Readers, in Our Final Week

In response to some circulating scuttlebutt, and also so readers can set some time aside, we want to announce six very special documents that…

Thinking of You

“Throats’ blessures a-clotting through planar and lunar and glandular sophists in the market for grain. What? Unvoiceable traffic plaques the ruining…

10 Poems from Dear Demons

Tina Posner — 10 poems from Dear Demons

6 Poems

MarinaLazzara Poems March 2020 2

Nīnauele me Jim Chapson — Interview by Paul Vogel [link]

"Born in Honolulu in 1944, Jim Chapson attended San Francisco State University and received his MA in 1968. With his partner, the Irish poet James…

Provincialism and the Gentrification of Anglo-American Poetry, Part III [link]

Pat Nolan on a roll: "What MFA writing programs produce is normal unthreatening psychobabble group think politically correct (a very slippery…

some hearts north / i

James Cook - Some hearts north

Quarantine Days

Brian Richards - Quarantine DaysQu

Special Dispatch — Announcing Roots and Routes: Poetics at New College of California

Announcing the upcoming publication: Roots and Routes: Poetics at New College of California, an anthology of faculty and student writings edited by…

Our Lady Takes a Dip

Billie Chernicoff - Our Lady Takes a Dip

4 Poems

Robert Hogg - 4 Poems for Dispatches

From an “Epic without Organs” (cont’d)

Since our most recent adventure, the memory of a bad dream has stirred in the hollow of my soul, like the dark Metallic echoes said to haunt…