XO – A Tale for a New Atlantis

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At the Threshold of Another – A Reading of Tamas Panitz’s Invisible Marches

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invisible marches

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Where Babylon Ends

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hearing other

Hearing Other* is a collaboration between Susan Quasha and me, and to say how it differs from many previous joint efforts I’m calling it a…

Doom Brunch

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Elegies Advance

[click for the virtual book]   Boyd Nielson - ELEGIES ADVANCE 1  

The Viewpoint Is Presumption

[click for the virtual book]     Schultz Presumption

from At the Musarium

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Paper | Dresses

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Hail Emperor Donaldus Anas Gaius Octavius Trumpinus

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How Close

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Night Factory

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BROTHER, by Larry Goodell

BROTHER by Larry Goodell pre pub (1)

Don’t Forget Love, by Jeffery Beam

Click for the virtual book   Dont-forget-love-final Jeffery Beam Dispatches from the Poetry Wars virtual chapbook 2018

Everything I Do I Do Good – TrumPoems, by Joshua Weiner

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Ghosts of June Ghost Syndical, by Michael Basinski

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Our Human Instance, by David Patton

David Patton - Our Human Instance

Resist, by M.G. Stephens

RESIST (Political Poems) (1)

Picket Songs, by Daniel Remein

Reimein - Picket Songs rev

Eclipse, by Joe Safdie

Safdie - Eclipse