Shelter in Poems

Joe Safdie - shelter in poems

Projective Verse, Space-time, and Attention

  Joe Safdie - Projective Verse, Spaace-time, and Attention

Edward Dorn, Satire, and the Via Negativa

Joe Safdie - Dorn and the Via NegativaEd Dorn and the Via Negativa

Joe Safdie to Dispatches 12 November 2019 [on Steve Abbot and Ed Dorn]

Dear Dispatches: I write to include a small addendum to Patrick Dunagan’s fine review of Beautiful Aliens, the Steve Abbott reader. Not that it…

Somewhere in the Stream by Duncan McNaughton — A Review

The journal Rain Taxi has a policy that reviews can’t be written by people who actually knew the writer involved, an idea I’ve never been able to…

Clashing and Conflicting Voices: A Review of The Miseries of Poetry: Traductions from the Greek

The Miseries of Poetry: Traductions from the Greek translated by Alexandra Papaditsas and Kent Johnson Skanky Possum, 2003; 52 pages What to make of…

Goodbye, La Jolla

Joe Safdie - Goodbye La Jolla

Vision Writing

Joe Safdie - Vision WritingVision Writing

The Invisible Reality of the Muses, by Joe Safdie

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Joanne, by Joe Safdie


Nason’s A Modern Dunciad: A Defense of Satire, Part Three, by Joe Safdie

Be sure to check out Richard Nason's A Modern Dunciad. Book 1; Books 2 & 3; Book 4 and Epilogue; and Joe Safdie's earlier essay on Nason and…

Eclipse, by Joe Safdie

Safdie - Eclipse

A Modern Dunciad, by Richard Nason, introduced by Joe Safdie

A Modern Dunciad Books 2 & 3 A Modern Dunciad Book 4 & Epilogue See also “Permanent Revolution: The Value of Bitterness,” Joe Safdie on Nason…

Eternal events, by Joe Safdie

Joe Safdie - Eternal Events

AWP Dispatch #2

Walter Benjamin wrote about the baleful influence of the daily newspaper in one of his essays (was it “One-Way Street”?), saying that the front page…

Permanent Revolution: The Value of Bitterness, by Joe Safdie

Be sure to check out Richard Nason's A Modern Dunciad. Book 1 Books 2 & 3 Book 4 and Epilogue Safdie -- Permanent Revolution (1)

Joe Safdie and Dispatches exchange views on Coulter, resistance, freedom and the usefulness of silencing people

Dear Dispatches, Been thinking a bit about the Coulter nonsense and the sheer idiocy of aligning with cretins like her. So I think there’s probably…

Charles Olson and Finding One’s Place, by Joe Safdie – A lecture given at the Gloucester Writers’ Center June 1, 2016

“I’m a cosmopolitan,” said my friend Jerry Rothenberg, when I told him the title of this lecture; “I’m not sure I want to find my place.” I remember…