In response to some circulating scuttlebutt, and also so readers can set some time aside, we want to announce six very special documents that Dispatches will be offering, as adieu, in its last days. 

Starting on May 24th, we will be releasing the following very singular items:

— A 100+, quite amazing collection of tributes by readers and contributors about Dispatches from the Poetry Wars. These (mostly) loving commentaries cover over 70 pages.

— A long fiction piece by Joanne Kyger, of spectacular nature.

— A selection from the Life of Charles Olson in Glyphs drawn and written by Ed Sanders, to be published this year by Dispatches Editions and Spuyten Duyvil Press.

— A chapter on Shakespeare’s women from a book manuscript on the Bard by Charles Olson.

— A 1980 poem by Robert Creeley, never collected, sent to us by Barry McKinnon, which we hereby announce to be one of his greatest, most unusual, and most moving works.

— Our final Dispatch statement [#54], with some parting thoughts about things existential and poetic.

Please start checking in on the 24th and keep staying tuned. As Creeley points out in his lost poem, there is not much time left.

— Dispatches