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Plague Litany

John Bradley - Plague LitanyPlague Litany

A Friend to the Infinite — a review of Materia Prima by Amanda Berenguer

  John Bradley -- Materia Prima review Materia Prima at Ugly Duckling Press

Special AWP Dispatch — AWPed Out

Portland was wonderful, as usual, but the AWP was miserable. First the enjoyable part--Portland has good food. We found a small boulangerie downtown…

AgitProp Poems

John Bradley - Agit PropPoems

2 Poems, by John Bradley

John Bradley - 2 poems

John Bradley to Dispatches, 31 May 2018

Dear Dispatches: You guys are poetic agitators in the way that Dick Gregory used to use that term: "The next time you  put your underwear in the…

Everything Is Erotic: An Interview with Scooter Libby by John Bradley

Mr. Libby was incredibly kind to take time out of his busy schedule to discuss with me Erotica Atomica, my book of poems on our nuclear legacy.  Some…

Footnote on a Footnote: Some Thoughts on Kevin Young’s Bunk, by John Bradley

Footnote on a Footnote Some Thoughts on Kevin Young’s Bunk: The Rise of Hoaxes, Humbug, Plagiarists, Phonies, Post-Facts, and Fake News By page 330,…

View from the Moon, by John Bradley

Bradley - ViewfromMoon

“A quick disguise”: Ferlinghetti’s faux translations, by John Bradley

John Bradley -- Ferlinghetti'sFauxTrans (1)

Six poems, by John Bradley

John Bradley - PoemsforDispatches

Look by Solmaz Sharif – A review by John Bradley

Look, Solmaz Sharif Graywolf Press, $16.00 “It matters what you call a thing,” warns Solmaz Sharif in the first line of the first poem, the title…