From an “Epic without Organs” (cont’d)

Since our most recent adventure, the memory of a bad dream has stirred in the hollow of my soul, like the dark Metallic echoes said to haunt…

The Drunken Spaceship 2

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from Epic without Organs

André Spears -Epic without Organs 1-5

The Drunken Spaceship 1 (Ship of State, cont’d)


The Offering

Andre Spears -- The Offering

XO – A Tale for a New Atlantis

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The Lovers


Dispatch from inside Olson’s Brain at the MOL in Gloucester

Dispatch from inside Olson's Brain at the MOL in Gloucester cor

Archaic Assumptions, by André Spears

And now again for something completely different: not to belabor the point but the discovery, from about 10 years ago, that Lascaux's Rotunda was…

Trumpet of the Digital Apocalypse, by André Spears

spears - trumpet of the digital apocalypse

Ship of State 4, by André Spears

Spears - Ship of State 4

Pipe wars, from André Spears

Magritte's famous painting is a reply to André Breton & Paul Eluard, who wrote (in La Revolution Surréaliste # 12, 1929): " La poésie est une…

André Spears to Dispatches, 4 September 2017 — on idiotic taxonomies of writing

Dear Dispatches: A well-known poet of my acquaintance made the astounding remark that, as a poet, he had no interest in reading Proust, because…

Warlords of Atlantis, by André Spears

spears -- Warlords1spears -- Warlords

Ship of Fools 2, by André Spears

Note: Ship of Fools 1, which combines earlier pieces originally published in House Organ, was recently republished in the Spring 2017 issue of…

André Spears to Dispatches, 23 May 2017

So, what we need is another "pope" issuing excommunications from his pulpit in the avant-garde, after Breton & Bernstein: Johnson? Just shoot…

Maud / Olson & Me

In anticipation of the “official launch” of the Maud / Olson Library in Gloucester in the late spring of 2016, I’ve been asked by friends in and…

André Spears to Dispatches, 12 May 2016

Dear Dispatches,   Lemme say that I've followed Dispatches w/ interest, not to say glee (no Facebook in Iran… instead the faces of Khomeini…