“Daddy Nixon” (1974), by Ahmed Fouad Negm (Aḥmad Fu’ād Najm) — tr. Ahmed Hassan and Elliott Colla

On the Rebel Egyptian Poet Ahmed Fouan Negm Elliott Colla is Director of Undergraduate Studies of the Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies at…

Two Essays on the Military-Literary Complex

The Military-Literary Complex [Originally Published in jadaliyya (June 13, 2014)] Poetry cannot serve as an emotional bandage for the blood and guts…

A Letter and Poem to Dispatches on the Current Crisis, from Elliott Colla, Director of Arabic and Islamic Studies, Georgetown University

Dear Dispatches Apologies for how long it’s taken me to reply for real. The truth is, I’ve been overwhelmed by the shitstorm we’re heading into. I’m…

March 19 — Poem for Iraq

Elliott Colla - March 19—poem for Iraq

“Pantoum of Endless War”

Elliott Colla -- Pantoum of the Endless War