Gerrit plays the piano


Gerrit reading in Cambridge, Ma at Outpost on 12.10.11.

Untitled from Michael Boughn on Vimeo.

Amazing Grace and a Salad Bowl

Amazing grace006

How Set Was Conceived

How Set was conceived

The Neptunian Character


In the American Forest

American forest007

Annisquam Nights

Annisquam nights005Annisquam Nights

The Compost


Mercurial in Nature An Interview with Gerrit Lansing, by Robert Podgurski

Podgurski - Interview May 26 transcription 1 cor

ALS from Gerrit Lansing to Whit Griffin, including a typed poem

Gerrit Lansing Letter and Poem to Whit Griffith

An Afternoon of Tottering Clouds, by Gerrit Lansing

This was the last poem Gerrit completed. Thanks to The Doris, where it first appeared, for permission to reprint it. Lansing - An Afternoon of…