Tarot reading #4 — Will Trump be crushed under Mueller’s magnetic hoofbeat?

Will Trump be crushed under Mueller’s magnetic hoofbeat? Here we move from intimate, personal questions into the realm of the collective. The poem…

“Imaginary Iconology” – a Tarot methodology

A method of reading the Tarot de Marseille deck has been developed by Enrique Enriquez, an artist originally from Caracas, Venezuela, but…

Tarot Reading #1: Will Dispatches find love?

new edit DPW tarot #1a

Eats Darkness, by andrew whiteman and Ryan Noth (sonic poetry)

Back in 2010, Sonic Poetry produced this set of segues called Eats Darkness for the artrock group Apostle of Hustle. Typical of the times, the…

from Rich and Poor: the Single, by Jacob Wren and Andrew Whiteman

Given both the plethora of audio available to the browser & the now easy process of sculpting any potential sound out of any other potential…

Tribute to Ed Dorn, by andrew whiteman and Sonic Poetry

  [audio src="http://www.dispatchespoetrywars.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/tribute-to-ed-dorn-7_6_17.m4a" /]

The Great Reigns, a Tribute to Erica Hunt – from Adrienne Amato and andrew whiteman

melopoeia - andrew whiteman phanopoeia  - Adrienne Amato

Tears Streak, by Anne Waldman – from andrew whiteman, Adrienne Amato, and Sonic Poetry

logopoeia - Anne Waldman melopoeia - andrew whiteman phanopoeia - Adrienne Amato

Tribute to Juliana Spahr, by andrew whiteman

[audio src="http://www.dispatchespoetrywars.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/tribute-to-juliana-spahr-1.m4a" /]

poem, by andrew whiteman

happy to oblige cant wait to hear  watt's so contentious about a zuk lecture * * * * *  andrew whiteman, a Canadian musician and…