Will Trump be crushed under Mueller’s magnetic hoofbeat?

Here we move from intimate, personal questions into the realm of the collective. The poem opens outwards and addresses the crowd. ITS AN ALLCAPS SITUATION.

A standing, waving devil on a pedestal is being scrutinized – from a distance – by a woman with a book on her lap, over the heads of arguing people. One of the devil’s children, another winged being, tries to get in the way of her steely gaze and distract her by firing off arrows down into the scrum of negotiators.  Those negotiators seem to be trying to convince the one in the middle of their point of view, and that threesome is echoed in the first card. Yet there, the power dynamic is not ‘on the level’ like it is the the middle card, instead it is two beings dog-collared to the devils edifice, under his control. He seems oblivious, happy simply to wave and say ‘look at the birdie!”.

The two slaves must be reminded that in fact THEY HAVE HOOVES THEMSELVES! – this is the critical juncture, while the efforts of LA PAPESSE and LAMOVREUX continue concomitantly to bring LEDIABLE up from its dark lair. 

“Donald Trump is the Lord’s hand puppet!” 
( with apologies to E.D.)