POETS! It is time to cancel your subscriptions to Poetry Magazine and sever all relations with PoFo, Inc. activities.

Please see here Ask the Poetry Foundation to Support Poets and Indie Publishers;

here An open letter to the Poetry Foundation regarding their COVID-19 Response Statement;

here Dispatch #51: Seven Propositions for the Poetry Foundation;

and here Chicago’s Poetry Foundation is sitting on millions — a petition asks it to do more in response to the pandemic.

Along with your cancellation, you might want to include a personal note to the Foundation that indicates you will redirect the modest cost of your annual subscription to a struggling small press, bookstore, or poet-in-need. Adding, we’d suggest, that you will not renew your subscription, nor support the Poetry Foundation in any manner whatsoever, until it establishes an emergency fund, commensurate with its vast wealth, toward helping those poets, small presses, and independent booksellers who so urgently require aid.

The issues are crystal clear. The unethical evasiveness of the Poetry Foundation and the millionaire Board members from Wall Street and the national security apparatus who shamelessly suck up its resources couldn’t be more evident. They live in postmodern palaces and drink champagne while sick poets starve and bookstores and small publishers go bankrupt. Enough is enough!

Boycott the Poetry Foundation.