dear fric & frac et al.

somewhat against my will i’ve been convinced to teach a 2nd online class on Henry Corbin – and to include material on the poets who were most influenced by him… it’s this latter part that i am hesitant about – i’m not really prepared to do it thoroughly though i guess that’s not absolutely necessary. I can say a few things about Olson & Duncan, and maybe Robin Blaser, but beyond that all i can do is point at people… there COULD be a book about this but i’m not likely to ever do one.

but what would be helpful is to hear (again) from people who know – who should be on the list? who was most interested, enthusiastic… about Corbin? want not to miss anyone important.

Charles Olson
Robert Creeley
Robert Duncan
Ed Dorn?
Robin Blaser
Robert Kelly
George Quasha
Nathaniel Mackey
Michael Boughn
Pierre Joris
Diane DiPrima
Gerrit Lansing
Kenneth Irby
John Clarke
Joanne Kyger???
Anne Waldman???
Duncan McNaughton
Kenneth Warren

and later…

Joe Donahue
Peter O’leary
more ???

I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE any scraps of information that anyone might contribute!!!!

Tom Cheetham