I suppose, according to the logic being assailed in the latest Dispatches “editorial,” the Louisville conference ought to ban any papers on Ezra Pound, who betrayed his country (last I checked, Kentucky was still part of the USA). I ended an essay on the Kenneth Goldsmith reading of “The Body of Michael Brown,” at the Interrupt III conference a few years back, as follows (if you want to see how I dealt with that, then you can read my piece in Dispatches):

When the AWP removed [Vanessa] Place from its planning committee for its 2016 conference in LA—after
dis-invitations such as from NYC’s MoMA—I was casting a vote at the national AAUP convention in DC over whether or not the University of Illinois should be censured for rescinding its offer to hire Steven Salaita with tenure. Salaita had made a slew of incendiary, anti-Israel comments on Twitter. Many people got up to speak. All were in favor of censure, including a number of Jews and scholars of Judaic Studies. The vote was unanimous but for one ballot cast by a member of that university.

It’s looking now like academe is as unprincipled as the world of the AWP. – BK