John Phillips to Dispatches — Dogs and Mother Death, 6 March 2020

Dear Dispatches — Ah, life is tough, yes. Indeed. Three days in Fishponds, Bristol, sleeping on the floor ( the blow-up bed collapsed during the…

John Phillips to Dispatches—Letter from Slovenia

ROADS... 3rd December 2019 Dear Dispatches, I've been slack in replying to your last three messages. Been trying to catch up with myself since…

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The Creation of Beauty

John Phillips-The Creation of BeautyThe Creation of Beauty

John Phillips to Dispatches, 28 August 2019

Dear Dispatches--- It has been a while and I won't write a proper letter now. I've been meaning to, but have failed miserably for too long. Things…

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John Phillips -- Ten Poems

John Phillips to Dispatches, 14 August 2017

Dear Kent, Due to my youngest, Lana, having Scarlet Fever, I am having a somewhat glorious day off work. Luckily, the drugs have kicked in and she…