Poetry Industry Gets Financial Boost; Market Turmoil Continues

Frontier Poetry Logistics, Inc. has announced a $3000.00 Poetry Industry Prize in an attempt to lift the Poetry Industry out of the decades long slump it has suffered due to the ongoing overproduction of sociological avant-doggerel, and the flooding of Poetry Markets with cheap, overseas knock off Authentic Identity Creative Writing Products.

The idea, stated Frontier spokesperson and Prize Judge, Rod Hare, of Pofo, Inc. notoriety, “is to make poetry great again.” According to Hare, Frontier also hoped the prize would give heart to creative writers everywhere and stimulate the production of yet more product. “We hope the flashy prize buzz might turn up another RupiKaur Enterprises, he stated, “with its unprecedented penetration of the airport book store market.”

Fellow Poetry Judge, Nat Zipdoer, went on to speak enthusiastically of the new Prize:

“At AvantPo, Inc., we stand by prizes,” he stated enthusiastically. “They are, like, really good for poetry because nobody reads it, especially the avant-doggerel stuff which is admittedly, pretty hard to read. Nobody buys the books, not even other creative writers, nobody hands over the moolah, you know? A Prize like this supports the Industry in so many important ways. It’s the only way to keep creative writers creative, because they often complain of losing their creativity when upset – or hungry.”

The Poetry Industry Prize is the first of its kind in a creative writing field otherwise known to be inundated with prizes.

In associated Market news, the Literature Division was in turmoil after the (Ig)Nobel Prize Aristos cancelled its prize due to no longer being able to coverup its sexual and financial corruption.