The esteemed poet and translator Jennifer Scappettone has just put out the following urgent petition on her Twitter feed. Dispatches from the Poetry Wars asks its readers to sign it without delay.

As Emily Wallis Hughes states, in support of Scappettone’sgesture:

“The Poetry Foundation manages about 250,000,000 in total assets, most of which appears to be investment capital. An allocation of just 2%, or $5,000,000, could meaningfully support the livelihoods of hundreds of writers and literary workers who need it the most.”

Dispatches from the Poetry Wars calls on all poets to immediately demand that the Poetry Foundation– which represents, in our repeatedly stated view, an insidious invasion of corporate and State-establishment influence into the autonomous legacy of U.S. poetry—dedicate not merely 2%, but at least 5% of its capital holdings toward establishingprograms to assist writers in need during this emergency time and beyond.

If it somehow chooses to not respond to the simple, ethical request of the circulating petition, there should and no doubt will be a just, collective reckoning.