With the two features linked here, Dispatches from the Poetry Wars is pleased to announce that both Keith Tuma (writing from Oxford, Ohio) and Dodman (nom de guerre of a secret DPW agent within estates of UK poesy, writing from London, England) begin stints as contributors to Dispatches. Each will be offering DPW readers semi-regular Noticings from the Field, and we will create a new category link at the site for their missives.

Mr. Tuma offers us here—with a piquant prose that picks up from his legendary “Noticings” at the late, great Sulfur—“Tampa”a delightful romp through the 2018 AWP, punctuated with taste tests of various recent works encountered at the convention book tables. Comrade Dodman, in “Pedagogy of the Depressed“, scorches—in the spirit of a minotaur-like beast with the lower body of a galloping Catullus and a torso of Lord Byron after tussling with a wasp nest—Trinity, Kings, Caius, and beyond, with a panache perhaps unequalled in the annals of 21st century poetic satire.

“Well, full sail, Dekker,” as Ben Jonson famously pronounced, “and let now the revelries begin.”

– Dispatches



Photo by cris cheek