News of war preparations by an (un)Named Mexican Cartel (the linguistic white noise machine formerly known as Herb Yeeps) in collaboration with Avant-Po, NA, left Poetry markets shaken. Recent provocations included a major assault on revolutionary poet and activist, Amiri Baraka, whom the Cartel described devastatingly as “so full of it,” and “Nyah nyah na nyah nyah.”

Memín Pinguín, spokesman for the Cartel, stated that Baraka had given up the right to speak for oppressed people like himself because he had “embraced the imperial harpoon.” When asked for details, Pinguin, who has long been a favorite across the spectrum of Mexican culture, said, “It’s that big Olson guy, he’s the problem. He ruins everything. He’s a bad hombre. If it hadn’t been for him, Baraka might have kept his integrity, like me and the rest of my armchair anti-Imperialist brigade”

In recent moves, the (un)Named Mexican Cartel, with the assistance of the Bay Area Commune Cell of Academic Poets, has attempted to ignite a transnational battle in the Field initially opened by Charles Olson and his school of Olsonites who had hoped to found a Nation of Nothing but Poetry there. (“Projective Verse”). Later, the Field was carefully developed by Robert Duncan into a Meadow where the shadows that are forms fall (“Often I Am Permitted to Return to a Meadow”). Known as a space of incorruptible imagination, The Field has long been regarded as a site of resistance to commercially viable poetry products.

In a current legal action, the Cartel is attempting to evict long-time Field resident, The Lady under the Hill (whose hosts are a disturbance of words within words).  Memín Pinguín defended the eviction proceedings against the Cartel’s critics who claimed the move is part of a conspiracy to professionalize poetry and render it neutered.

“It’s for the good of Poetry,” Memín Pinguín stated. “Numerous studies have proven that too many words within words is no good. It’s too many words. And that’s bad for the environment and is known to hug Imperial harpoons. And it clutters up people’s minds, too, causing them to have to re-read things. You never have to reread our things. Our new Monological PoetryTM line will revolutionize the industry. We plan to deliver poetry directly to Joe Plumber or even Sarah Palin that they can understand immediately without having to waste time re-reading. Reading things twice is inefficient. Efficiencies in language, that’s what we are all about. That’s the future. Should we let some bag lady sleeping under a hill stand in the way of the future?”

While poets generally claim special status for the Field, the (un)named Mexican Cartel has argued before the Poetry Free Trade Tribunal that it is just another piece of real estate seized by Anglo Imperialist powers in their unjust aggression against helpless, benevolent Spaniards, who lost their way while trying to join Robert Creeley in Mallorca and accidentally wound up in Mexico. They claim the Field, therefore, should be subject to anti-imperialist occupation by page after page of tin-eared screed pretending to be poetry. The Cartel hopes to transform it into a Monological Production Facility, specializing in the Metaphysics of Empire.