Dear Dispatches:

I write to include a small addendum to Patrick Dunagan’s fine review of Beautiful Aliens, the Steve Abbott reader. Not that it matters at this point — the Rolling Stock Aids Awards weren’t funny and were misconceived — but I was fairly good friends with Steve. In fact, I gave my first poetry reading in San Francisco with him at New College, in a large seminar room with Robert Duncan at the other end of the table. Anyway, in the summer of 1982, we drove to Boulder from San Francisco with a few other people for a fairly heroic journey to some Beat Convocation that was going on then. Funny to think about Ken Kesey raging for the legalization of marijuana. Anyway, on our last day there, I took him over to the Dorn’s house. Ed knew who he was and was entirely gracious — no hint of any homophobia or even dislike. We had a nice few hours with them.

That’s it. Not that it will change anyone’s mind, or should, but the record is the record.

Joe Safdie