Dear Dispatches,

The most important thing now is to put pressure on governments to 1) impose economic sanctions on Turkey and stop military aid, 2) declare a no-fly zone for Rojava, so that the democratic forces have at least a chance to protect the civilian population, and 3) demand the release of Syrian refugees from the Turkish dictatorship. This is the minimum.

A continuously updated list of demonstrations in Europe and North America is here:

The New York Times is reporting now about the ground war in Ras Al-Ain is sounding like these are the same kind of fighters that went into Afrin and committed atrocities there. They are described as “Pro-Turkish Syrian fighters,” or “Turkish-allied Arab fighters,” or “Syrian fighters backed by Turkey.” They especially hate the Kurds. Many of them are Jihadists, even ex-ISIS. They are the ones shown shooting a bound Kurdish captive in a video, while shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

Another question I have is Where are the U.S. troops now? There was one report that U.S. troops were fired on in Kobane, and the Turks apologized, saying they were trying to hit Kurdish fighters. So the 1000 U.S. troops are still there, just hunkered down and giving the Turkish troops their coordinates? None of them were sent home, so they’re still there, and a number of them have already spoken to reporters about how ashamed they are.

Overall, the coverage in the U.S. media has been disgraceful. Almost no one has mentioned the Rojava Revolution or the new society that had been formed there. No mention of the women. Do they really not know anything about it? The only mention I’ve seen was on Democracy Now.

The rest of the press uses euphemisms for everything. They don’t mention the YPG and YPJ anymore. Only the SDF. Again, no mention that this was a women’s revolution.

It’s driving me crazy. We did the book to try to get this into the conversation, but obviously we failed. The saddest thing to me is that even people on the Left here don’t know about it, or do know about it and don’t care.

I’m getting dispatches every day from Dilar Dirik, who co-edited the book with Mick and Peter and me. And from Nazan Ustendag. And others. It just sounds worse and worse. I’m afraid it’s going to be a bloodbath. F16s, mortars and artillery. The second largest army in NATO against a now unprotected local revolutionary militia The only hope to stop the Turks (and their Jihadist mercenaries) is for Trump to flip-flop and let the U.S. troops stand up. He’s getting so much shit from Republicans, and evangelists, and Netanyahu (!) that he may do that. But he can’t stand up against Erdogan and Putin. The U.S. troops who are there are angry about what’s happening and are itching to fight. So far the Kurds are still holding the 10,000 ISIS fighters and 70,000 ISIS family members, but they won’t be able to for long.

Erdogan is saying that if the EU continues to call this an invasion, he’ll send the 3.6 million Syrian refugees on to Europe, which is what Putin wants: to ruin NATO and destabilize Europe. And Trump said the Kurds were “just protecting their land.” And we’ve already given them “a lot of money.” And they weren’t there to fight with us at Normandy (!!?). He has no idea what he’s done.