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Columbus Indiana Postcards

 From The Tamara Iorio Collection


Columbus Indiana postcards. The earliest dates back to 1905. This collection gives a wonderful perspective of both a pictorial history of Columbus throughout the years, as well as a feel of what it was like to live back in the days, thanks to some who took the time to fill out the backs. In a day and age before the commonality of the telephone, postcards were a "quick" and inexpensive way to communicate. By the end of 1907, postcard collecting was thee biggest hobby in the United States. 

The Orphans Home, churches, street scenes, and even an early photo of the old city fairgrounds (wow! 25th Street unpaved!) are just a few of the great items offered here. I would like to thank Dr. Iorio for loaning me (again!) her Columbus Indiana postcard collection.

Another exclusive from the only place on the internet whose purpose is to provide the best historical perspective of our wonderful city! Where else on the web can you go and find such a collection of Columbus postcards all in one place? You can't...

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25th Street Fairgrounds


Fountain in Commercial Park


View Of White River From 2nd St. Bridge


Flatrock River, Indianapolis, Columbus, & Southern Traction Company


Tabernacle Church Of Christ


Tabernacle Church Of Christ

West Wing


Donner Park


Fifth Street Looking West


Fifth Street Looking West


Fifth Street Looking West


Bartholomew County Hospital


Concrete Bridge Over "How Creek" 

(Haw Creek) Bridge


Post Office, Columbus Indiana


Federal Building, Columbus Indiana


Post Office, Columbus Indiana


Washinton Street Looking North from the Courthouse


Washington Street, Looking South from 5th Street


Washington Street, North from Third Street


2nd Street Wagon Bridge Over White River


Pumping Station, Columbus Indiana Water Works Columbus Indiana


Water Works West Second Street, Columbus Indiana


White River Scene and View of Wagon Bridge and Penn. R. R. Bridge


Catholic Church


St. Bartholomew's Catholic Church


High School, Columbus Indiana


Public School Building


Central School, Columbus Indiana


Central School Building


City Hall


City Hall, Columbus Indiana


City Hall, Columbus, Indiana


Park Scene & City Hall


Scene on Hawcreek, Columbus, Indiana


Clifty Falls, Columbus, Indiana


Clifty Falls, Columbus, Indiana


English Lutheran Church


German Lutheran Church


German Lutheran Church


Irwin Home & Gardens

Columbus, Indiana


A View Of The Irwin Gardens


Irwin Gardens


Irwin Gardens & Tower of Tabernacle Church of Christ


Carnegie Public Library

Columbus, Indiana


Columbus Public Library


Columbus Public Library


Public Library, Columbus Indiana


M. E. Church


M. E. Church


Catholic Church and School


Baptist Church


Mooney's Tannery


Reeves Pulley Company


Orphan's Home Columbus Indiana


Orphan's Home


Hotel St. Denis


Hotel St. Denis


Hotel St. Denis


Hotel St. Denis & Union Trust Co.



Washington Street, Looking South From Seventh St.


Looking East, Franklin Street


Franklin Street, looking north 

from 7th St.


Washington Street, looking north from 3rd St.


Washington Street


Washington Street


Washington Street, looking north 

from Courthouse


Looking North on Washington St.


Bartholomew County Courthouse 

and Jail


Courthouse & Jail, Columbus Indiana


County Buildings, Columbus Indiana



Bartholomew County Buildings

Courthouse and Jail


Washington Street, 

Looking North at Night


Washington Street,

Looking South


Birdseye view of Washington Street

from the Courthouse


Birdseye View of Columbus 


Farm Scene


West Approach over new Bridge to Columbus Indiana


Greetings From Columbus


Greetings from Columbus Indiana


Greetings from Columbus Indiana

The old 25th Street Fairgrounds wasn't so old on September 14, 1911 when this postcard was postmarked. The person who sent the card apparently knew the "people" on the front of the card, identifying them as Harold and Bill, although I can only see one person, and I assume at this point in time that the horse wasn't named Harold or Bill. When I scanned the card for posting, it appears I cut off the sender's name!

This postcard of the fountain in Commercial Park (which was located across Franklin Street from the City Building) is dated April 21, 1912

View of the White River from the 2nd Street bridge. It looks like I've stuck the wrong back with the front of the card, as the comments shown are the same as the previous card. Date unknown.

The only date provided on this card is January 27th.

The "Tabernacle Church Of Christ," or as we now call it, the First Christian Church. Date unknown.

Another postcard of the First Christian Church, highlighting the west wing. Date unknown.

An early postcard of Donner Park. Date unknown.

This postcard captioned "5th Street Looking West" shows the old City Hall as well as the old Fire Department just beyond (on the left side). Date of the card is March 8, 1913. The writer is a bored Nellie Anderson.

Another early postcard of "5th Street Looking West," most likely taken at the intersection of "Mechanic" (Lafayette St) and 5th. Date unknown.

The last "5th Street Looking West." Date on the postcard is 1924.

June 15, 1917 is the date of this postcard of the Bartholomew County Hospital.

The "How Creek" Bridge was a misprint on this postcard of a rather new concrete bridge (Haw Creek) in Columbus, dated August 4, 1922.

April 1, 1918...Emma Spray is back on the old homestead, and sent this postcard of the Post Office to May Long in Courtland, Indiana. This is a picture of the building in the prime of its life on the corner of 7th & Washington.

Another postcard of the "Post Office", dated September 1, 1913, only the building is identified as the Federal Building.

The Post Office, Columbus Indiana. Date Unknown.

Washington Street, looking north from the Courthouse, dated September 17, 1909, shows a much different Washington Street from today. Those tracks running along the middle of Washington are courtesy of Crump's Trolly.

Another scene of downtown Columbus, dated March 3, but the year is unknown. Here is Washington Street, looking south of 5th Street. The St. Denis Hotel is on the right.

"Gertie" wrote this postcard on August 9, 1908. The front shows Washington Street, looking north from 3rd St.

September 5, 1909. The 2nd Street bridge was the main means of crossing the White River in downtown Columbus. The person who wrote this postcard announced they had just gotten married and wouldn't be home for a few days. It was written in the "Greeks" (Zaharako's).

A postcard of the Pumping Station. Date unknown.

A view of both the 2nd St. Bridge and Water Works. Date unknown. This postcard was published locally by George Ellis. George Cummins, Cummins Bookstore, worked for George Ellis before he opened Cummins.

October 1, 1910. A view of both the 2nd Street Wagon Bridge and the Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge over White River.

A postcard of the St. Bartholomew Catholic Church in 1929.

November 4, 1907. St. Bartholomew's Catholic Church.

June 27, 1917...the writer of this postcard seemed rather tickled from getting his picture taken and promises to send one "one of these days or weeks." The front is the High School (Central).

Another picture of Columbus High School, only it's identified as a "public school building." The writer is "attending institute in this building." The date is 1908.

November 20, 1915. Central School, Columbus Indiana.

June 15, 1911..."Dear Alice--Wish you were here this morn. We are having real cool weather. Everything is drying up. Our corn is bad in places. Albert is cutting wheat this morn. It is nothing extra. I canned 24 quarts of berries. The apples have all fell off. There is lots of blackberries, but they are drying up. Love to you all--Grace." Life in Columbus in 1911...

City Hall, date unknown.

Another postcard of the City Hall, dated August 5, 1930.

March 6, 1905. An unusual postcard of City Hall. George Vorwald, local owner, wrote this card.

A grand postcard, showing Commercial Park and City Hall. Date unknown.

Estella writes, "Dear Papa, Henry said he would like for you to save him 4 or 5 bushels of seed corn, if you will. I drove all the way home Sunday evening. Was a little tired. Went to church. All well. Wash today." The date looks like it might be April 6, 1915. How Haw Creek looked around the turn of the century.

July 17, 1908. A postcard of Clifty Falls.

Clifty Falls, July 12, 1908.

July 26, 1909. The English Lutheran Church.

October 8, 1910. The German Lutheran Church.

Another postcard of the German Lutheran Church, date unknown.

August 21, 1919. The Irwin Home and Gardens.

A view of the Irwin gardens. Date unknown.

Irwin Gardens, date unknown.

A view of the Irwin home with the tower of the Tabernacle of Christ in the background. Date unknown.

September, 1910. The Carnegie Public Library.

May 1, 1918. Postcard of the Carnegie Library.

The Public Library, date unknown.

Carnegie Library, date unknown.

September 25, 1907. The M. E. Church in Columbus.

December 23, 1915. These days, we take so many things for granted. Today, there's no way we would say "we are coming Christmas if the weather is good," especially considering the fact that the writer of this card is only talking about traveling from Columbus to Ogilville, a trip one might on their way home from work on a daily basis.

Catholic Church and school, date unknown.

Baptist Church, date unknown.

Mooney's Tannery, date unknown.

September 24, 1917. A bird's eye view of Reeves Pulley, written by a person who awaits being called up for World War I.

November 25, 1908. "Dearie--I forgot that I could not send a letter tomorrow for it's Thanksgiving so will send this. We are all well. George has work and we had a little rain yesterday. The first for many weeks. Our cistern was empty six weeks. You know what that means. I will write soon. Your Mother."

Orphan's Home, Columbus, Indiana, date unknown.

Hotel St. Dennis, date unknown. (SW corner of 5th & Washington)

Hotel St. Denis, date unknown.

October 18, 1918.

Hotel St. Denis and the (Irwin) Union Trust Company. Date unknown.

November 3, 1909. Washington St. looking north from 10th St.

April 5, 1909. Washington Street, looking south from 7th Street.

This postcard says "looking east, Franklin Street." The only problem, it doesn't state which street it's looking east onto, considering that Franklin runs north and south. A saying you won't hear today: "The folks here are as well as common." Date unknown.

August 19, 1908. Another view of Franklin Street, this time looking north from 7th Street.

July 27, 1916. Washington Street, looking north from 3rd. The writer of this card got the "jiggers" (chiggers) from the blackberry patch.

Washington Street, looking north from 3rd, 1923.

Washington Street. Date unknown.

Washington Street, looking north from Courthouse. Date unknown.

This is one of my favorite Washington Street scenes from the past. Date unknown.

Bartholomew County Courthouse and jail. Date unknown.

Courthouse and jail. Date unknown.

December 4, 1908. County buildings.

September 6, 1945. "Hello Suzie, my sweet. Does this bring memos to you? We had a room here for $1.00 each. Was nice and hot. Sure can notice the accent these folks have. Took walk over to corner drug store, then on to Greek Ice Cream Parlor (Zaharako's), serve yourself, and we were shown through the USO. A nice place. We slept across the street, two blocks down. The next day, we took a tour through that Christ Church. Oh, what a place. Even in the pews, they had instrument on handle for hard of hearing folk. Suzie, dear, I took some of your money ($3.00) for my trip, some from Alex ($3.00) and Dot gave me $4.00 and I used most from Jo. Bye now, love Mom."

A great postcard, downtown Washington Street at night. Date unknown.

Washington Street, looking south. Date unknown.

November 16, 1909. A bird's eye view of Washington Street from the Courthouse.

Birdseye view of Columbus Indiana. Date unknown.

March 3, 1911. The home in this grand farm scene has finally been established. It was the old Caldwell Place on 25th Street, demolished many years ago, but in the prime of its life in this picture.

August 5, 1953. A picture of the "new" 8th Street bridge.

Greetings from Columbus Indiana. Both date and location are unknown.

Greetings from Columbus Indiana. Date unknown.

Greetings from Columbus Indiana. Date unknown.

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