If you are a current Hilton Fund for Sisters grantee, you may login here to return to in-progress application, receive instructions on how to submit an online Grant Agreement (Form A) or Grant Report (Form B), download related forms, and resolve banking issues.  If you do not see the forms you need on this page, please go to the Checklist of Required Documents page.

You may access eGrant directly by clicking on the button below:


If for some reason the links to eGrant on this website do not work, you may copy and paste the following URL into your browser:      https://hiltonfundforsisters.egrant.net/


If you are unable to log into eGrant, make sure that you are using the same Login ID and Password when you registered.  The login ID and the password are case sensitive, so you must use exactly the same capital and small letters.  Also, use exactly the same spacing.  DO NOT create a new account if you have already registered.  If you have forgotten your login ID or password, click on the appropriate link.

Below is a sample of the Sign-in page:


If you need to submit your online Grant Agreement (Form A) or your Grant Report (Form B), follow these instructions:


Go to the eGrant link: hiltonfundforsisters.egrant.net

  • Click on the link and you will be at the Sign-in page.
  • Enter your login ID and your password (near the bottom of the page).
    • NOTE: The login ID and the password are case sensitive, so you must use exactly the same capital and small letters you used when you registered.  Also, use exactly the same spacing.
  • This will open to a page that has two lines of type along the top of the middle white section.  One is the Grant Agreement (Form A) and the other is the Grant Report (Form B).  If you do not see these, click on Drafts in the left side bar and they will appear.
    • Note the due dates for each of the following:
      • Grant Agreement (Form A) is due immediately upon receipt of funds. 
      • Grant Report (Form B) is due at the end of the 12-month grant period (the actual due date is in your official email notification).
  • Now, check the box that is at the left of the line of type for the form that you wish to complete.  Move the cursor to the highlighted space between words in that very same line and double-click.  The form will open.  Type the information into the blank fields on the page.
  • Be sure to click the SAVE button at the top or the bottom of the page.
  • Then, click NEXT at the top or bottom of the page to move on to the next page.
  • Be sure to go to the last page and click on SUBMIT.  (This process if very similar to what you did when you submitted your proposal and application).



If you have found it necessary to change the monitor for your project (after notifying Sr. Julie at julie@hiltonfundforsisters.org), you may download the form by clicking on the following link: Monitor Agreement Form.



The monitor letter is a separate communication from the monitor/guarantor who was named in the application process. The letter includes his or her statement that the funds were in fact used for the purpose for which they were given.  He or she may also include observations made during any site visits, and also comments about the impact of the project, if any.  THE MONITOR LETTER MUST BE WRITTEN IN ENGLISH.

You can upload the required monitor letter when you complete your Grant Report (Form B) in eGrant.  If for some reason you are unable to do this, the monitor letter can be sent by e-mail attachment to julie@hiltonfundforsisters.org.  Please be sure to identify the project number when you send it.



If you have had some difficulty with receiving your funds and need to submit revised banking information, you may download a form by clicking on the following link: Banking Information Form.

Note: Make sure to click on the Enable Editing button near the top right corner of the form in order to view the whole document and enter your information in the appropriate fields.