How to Request Funding

Before you apply for a grant, please review our GUIDELINES FOR FUNDING and RESTRICTIONS .

We are now working primarily with applicants who use our online system.  We discourage proposals and applications which come in other forms, as these are of lowest priority for our time and attention.  Our grant request process has two steps.  Step one is to submit a project proposal.  If your proposal meets all of our requirements, we will invite you to submit a grant application, which is step two.

STEP ONE: Project Proposal

The first step to request funding is to submit a Project Proposal Form IN ENGLISH. The Project Proposal Form is NOT the same as a Grant Application. It is only a solicitation for a Grant Application. Your proposal will be reviewed by our staff to determine if the project falls within our funding guidelines. If the project fits our funding criteria, then you will be invited to complete a full Grant Application.

To begin the process of your project proposal, please click on the button below.

STEP TWO: Grant Application

This is ONLY for applicants who have submitted a project proposal and have received authorization from the Hilton Fund for Sisters to submit a full grant request to our Board.

NOTE: A Grant Application is NOT a guarantee of funding.