Education / Communication

EXAMPLES: all formal education for any age level, from reading to technical training, preschools and kindergartens, computers, supplies, furnishings, equipment (including generators) and improvements for related facilities, renovations and repair. *(International projects only)


Daughters of Charity from Puerto Rico arrived in the Dominican Republic in 1952 at the invitation of the Government. Working in schools, health centers, and nursing homes, the Sisters serve the disadvantaged poor including the elderly, ill and especially their ministries impacting children and youth, including collaboration with the Ladies of Charity.

The 8 schools where the Sisters work are officially recognized and free of charge, and run by the Daughters of Charity of Vincentian Fathers. The attending students are underprivileged and have multiple needs.

The Sisters’ three-year multi-faceted, comprehensive and collaborative program includes components that specifically target students – especially at-risk students – and features remedial and enrichment programs. Tutors and professionals assess and implement necessary therapies, particularly for students with severe learning difficulties. Students participate in developmental workshops. The program also indirectly supports the students by strengthening teachers and parents with coordinated trainings and workshops.

Program objectives include student support and mentoring to compensate for their limitations and difficult backgrounds. The student component is the focus of this grant request. Participating schools are: Marillac Technical, St. Vincent de Paul School, Rosa Duarte School, La Milagrosa School, La Milagrosa (rural) Elementary School, Altagracia School, San Jose Technical and Luisa Ortea Elementary School.