Wisconsin's Energy Future will be a one-day conference to explore emerging federal and state energy policies; opportunities to develop more home-grown energy resources such as biomass, wind and solar; strategies to create jobs in a sustainable economy; and many other topics.

Our state has faced energy challenges before, and a great deal of planning and policy development has taken place in past decades. What have we learned, and how can this experience guide our future decisions? The historical roots of Wisconsin's energy planning and policy development will also be highlighted.

Wisconsin's Energy Future will gather participants and audience members from businesses and utilities, state and federal government agencies, the legislature, non-profit organizations, academia and the interested public to discuss this critical issue and exchange perspectives and ideas.

In the spirit of the Wisconsin Idea and the first Earth Day founded by U.S. Sen. Gaylord Nelson, the Nelson Institute's mission is to promote greater understanding of our energy challenge and to facilitate collaboration in finding solutions.

To view the conference agenda, please view our Program page.