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  1. Fact! Leafcutter collect leaves not to eat, but to make compost for fungus they grow. Photo by Mark W. Moffett

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  2. Opening today! "An Asian Pacific American Story" at , CA.

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  3. Where art meets . Staff t-shirts featuring you know who. Plus, tools used to make them.

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  4. films have climatic lightsaber duels. Drew ideas from Errol Flynn’s “Robin Hood.”

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  5. . Congratulations! You all did an outstanding job!

  6. fact! Han’s gunslinger costume originally had a Peter-Pan collar. Final look is better!

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  7. . Gorgeous shot. This costume is a staff favorite among the Smithsonian team.

  8. . Agreed! Who can resist these lovable Droids?

  9. Astomech Droid BB-8 hangs with pals . The exhibit is on now!

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  10. . We second that!

  11. . Ah-ha! There are several new costumes from in the exhibit. Look!

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  12. . Awesome! Did you spot some new and super cool ?

  13. . Much pressure to create an out-of-this-world exhibit. Our motto: "Do or do not. There is no try."

  14. Meet Rey, a survivor toughened by years of living in a harsh desert world.

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  15. Today's director Steven Spielberg's b-day! Reminded of our special tour last summer. Who wore this?

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  16. Today’s the day! Like this post if you're seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens in its opening weekend!

  17. Powerful clothes, these are. More on ' show

  18. Seeing the exhibit ? You’ll come face to face w/ these Stormtroopers.

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  19. in 1903, the Wright Brothers flew their first powered flight!

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