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  1. Calling all biologists and naturalists to lead inventories at the upcoming National Parks BioBlitz in Washington DC!

  2. will be down from 6:00 to 9:00 AM today as we perform scheduled DB maintenance.

  3. EOL will have another brief interruption on Wednesday morning, Feb 10th, from 6:00 AM - 9:00 AM ET as we continue our DB maintenance.

  4. Annnnnnd, we're back. Thank you for your patience, everyone!

  5. Almost done. EOL should be back up in about 20 minutes.

  6. will be down for about two hours as we perform some database maintenance.

  7. Hang tight folks, taking a little while longer to fire up Ye Olde Tripple Storre.

  8. If you detect issues please log them through the Contact Us/TraitBank Inquiry form on the EOL website. Thanks! (4/4)

  9. Supplemental TraitBank services including data download will be rolled out soon. (3/4)

  10. Work to improve back-end TraitBank services to support continued growth in data and usage is complete; (2/4)

  11. The team is pleased to announce that TraitBank content will be available through the EOL website at 2pm eastern time today. (1/4)

  12. will be down 2016-02-04 from 0700-0900 ET while we perform some routine Database maintenance.

  13. Whoa, we're in that weird state where CSS assets are not fully synced between servers and weird things happen with layout! Working on it!

  14. Annnnnnd, we're back. Thanks for your patience!

  15. Sorry, EOL will be down a bit longer than anticipated. One server is being stubborn. ;)

  16. EOL will be offline from 7:00 AM ET to (roughly) 9:00 AM ET—we're patching our servers!

  17. In about twelve hours, EOL will be down for two hours for quarterly maintenance. 7-9am EST. Thanks for your patience, everyone!

  18. To the link spammers currently attacking EOL - go pick on someone else. We're not going to let you deface our community.

  19. And yes, we're looking to provide more informative site messaging than the plain-vanilla 503 error. Which is ugly (& not very informative).

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