I would like to thank the Princeton University Committee on Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences and the Florence A. Gould Foundation for supporting this project over many years.  My gratitude goes out especially to John R. Young, President of the Florence A. Gould Foundation, and to his late wife Mary.  They generously renewed their grant several times while I had to interrupt work on this project in order to meet deadlines and fulfill responsibilities, especially in my capacity as university librarian at Harvard.

Having worked in the archives of the Société typographique de Neuchâtel since 1965, I owe a special debt of gratitude to the staff and directors of the Bibliothèque publique et universitaire de Neuchâtel.  From Eric Berthoud to Jacques Rychner, Michel Schlup, and Thierry Chatelain, the directors of the library have provided help in many ways, including microfilming, photocopying, and digitizing.  They have become friends and collaborators, and I would particularly like to thank Michel Schlup for providing most of the illustrations that appear on this website.
The site itself was designed and engineered by Robert Levers and Aristos Koyanis, who received a great deal of help from my assistant, Arlene Navarro.  Scott Walker in the cartography section of the Harvard Library provided the maps, which benefitted greatly from his expertise in handling historical material. 

No individual could have transcribed all the letters, identified all the books, and compiled all the statistics that appear on this website.  I extend my warmest thanks to my fellow “Favargistes,” graduate students and research assistants who worked so long and hard on such difficult material: Elissa Bell, Sarah Benharrech, Martine Benjamin, Andrew Clark, Brigid Dorsey, Nathaniel Hay, Frédéric Inderwildi, Miriam Nicoli, Thierry Rigogne, Madeleine Schwartz, Jennifer Tsien, and Catherine Witt.