A Literary Tour de France


Population: 39,000 in 1780.
Book Trade: eleven booksellers and four large printers. Guild, chambre syndicale, and book trade inspector.
Institutions: capital of Orléanais, with royal Intendance, military government, Hôtel des Monnaies mint, tax généralité, and bishopric.
Culture university of Law, college of medicine, large college, learned academy, theater, music, newspaper, and reading cabinet.
Literacy (for entire département): male 34%, female 20%.
Communications: port on Loire river. Destination and stop on diligence post roads from Paris to Bordeaux and Toulouse.
Economy: commercial city. Sugar refineries and textile production (hosiery, calicoes and cloth dying). Trade in wool, wine, trees, plants, fruits, and vegetables


Booksellers in Orléans