A Literary Tour de France


Population: 31,000 in 1780.
Book Trade: nine booksellers and only two printers. Guild, chambre syndicale, and inspector of the book trade.
Institutions: capital of Lower Languedoc, with royal Intendance, Cour des aides and Chambre des comptes financial courts, Hôtel des monnaies mint, tax généralité, chamber of commerce, and bishopric. Sénéchaussée court of justice.
Culture intellectual center, with university (famous Faculty of Medicine), large college, learned academy, academy of painting, theater, newspaper, reading cabinet. Garrison town.
Literacy (for entire département): male 46%, female 12%. Strong Protestant presence.
Communications: near Mediterranean port of Sète, endpoint of the canal connecting it with Bordeaux. Destination on post road from Lyon and from Toulouse and Bordeaux.
Economy: commercial city with large trade in wine, cloth, woolens, silk, calicoes, and verdigris.


Booksellers in Montpellier