A Literary Tour de France

You can browse Robert Darnton's transcriptions for each of these booksellers by clicking the link to "Search letters pertaining to ..." link on each bookseller page.

Alternately, digital images of the original manuscripts are made available here as a reference to original source material. The original copies of these manuscripts are held at Bibliothèque Publique et Universitaire de Neuchâtel.

Warning, since these are images (not text) some of these files are quite large. 


Favarger MS1150

Middlemen and Smugglers

Faivre MS1148

Guillon MS1162

Revol MS1205


Bergeret MS1120

Buchet MS1130

Caldesaigues MS1131

Capel MS1131

Charmet MS1134

Chevrier MS1134

Couret de Villeneuve MS1138

Fontanel M1153

Gaude MS1155

Garrigan MS1154

Lair MS1172

Lépagnez MS1174

Letourmy MS1175

Malherbe MS1177

Mossy MS1185

Pavie MS1190

Rigaud Pons MS1206

Robert Cie MS1207bis

Robert et Gauthier Bourg MS1207 bis

Robert et Gauthier MS1207

Gauthier MS1155 bis

Sens MS1215