Eugenio L. Giusti

Associate Professor of Italian and Chair of Italian

Eugenio Giusti has a Laurea Summa cum Laude in History and Philosophy from the University of Florence. He received a Ph.D. in Medieval Italian Literature from New York University in 1991. His fields of interest are: a) Giovanni Boccaccio’s Decameron and Early Works; b) gender roles and sexual behavior in Renaissance culture; c) contemplative practices in higher education. He has published several articles on Giovanni Boccaccio’s representation of women, Christopher Columbus’s enterprise, the novella genre, and contemporary gay movement and culture. He has published two monographs titled: From Courtly Love to Understanding: Giovanni Boccaccio’s ideological Journey from the “Caccia di Diana” to “The Decameron”, Milano: LED Edizioni Universitarie, 1999; and Social Amphibology and Moral Framing: The Renaissance Courtesan in Words, Letters and Images (a Diachronic Perspective), Milano: LED Edizioni Universitarie, 2014. Giusti joined the Vassar Faculty in 1992. He teaches courses on Italian language, and Medieval and Renaissance Literature. Since 2004 he has been teaching in the FWS program. His favored and most popular course is “Giovanni Boccaccio's Decameron: The Novella as a Microcosm”.

Language Fellow

David Mentuccia, Language Fellow for 2014/15


Angela Smith, Administrative Assistant