For Students

Major Requirements

Course Requirements:

14 ½ units including: (1) Non-science disciplinary requirements: 3 units including SOCI 151 - Introductory Sociology; ECON 101 - Introduction to Microeconomics or ECON 102 - Introduction to Economics; and at least one course selected from ANTH 140 - Cultural Anthropology, HIST 121 - Readings in Modern European History, HIST 160 - American Moments: Rediscovering U.S. History, PHIL 106 - Philosophy and Contemporary Issues, or POLI 160 - International Politics; (2) Natural science requirements: 4 units from at least 2 departments, 2 of which must include laboratory work from biology, chemistry, earth science, physics, psychology or statistics (e.g., PSYC 200,MATH 141, ECON 209); (3) STS 200 - Science and Technology Studies; (4) 5 additional units in STS, with only 1 at the 100-level. Ordinarily these are courses that originate or are cross-listed in STS. Additional courses may meet this requirement with the approval of the director, (5) STS 300 - Senior Thesis and STS 301 - Senior Seminar.

After declaration of the major, all required courses must be taken for a letter grade.

Distribution Requirements:

At least 3 units in a sequence of courses leading to the 300-level in one of the social sciences, or one of the natural sciences, or a discipline in one of the humanities by permission of the director; at least 5 units to be taken in any of the divisions other than the one in which the student has achieved the 300-level requirement; no more than 25 ½ units may be taken within any one division of the college.