Advanced Placement in Physics

The Physics and Astronomy Department requires that all students interested in advanced placement in physics take the first year physics placement exam. 

Please click the link below to begin the one-hour placement exam.

First-Year Physics Placement Exam


June 22 - July 24, 2015


Ultimately your first course in physics will be determined based on your level of high school preparation, your performance on the placement exam, your performance on the AP Physics 1 or C exams, and consultation with the department.  The charts below give a rough guideline of which physics course will probably be right for you.  If you have taken another type of advanced placement course such as Physics AP B, Physics AP 2, IB, or A-Levels, please consult the department and take the placement test if you are interested in advanced placement.

None* - PHYS 113
AP 1* 1,2 PHYS 113
AP 1 3 PHYS 114-Fall
AP 1 4,5 PHYS 200 and PHYS 114

*Placement Exam Not Needed

None* - PHYS 113
AP C- Mechanics* 1,2,3 PHYS 113
AP C- Mechanics 4,5 PHYS 114 - Fall
AP C- Mechanics/ AP C- E&M* 3/3 or lower PHYS 113
AP C- Mechanics/ AP C- E&M* 3/4 PHYS 113
AP C- Mechanics/ AP C- E&M 4/4 or higher PHYS 200

*Placement Exam Not Needed