To study sociology at Vassar is one of the best ways to pursue a liberal arts education.

Professor William Hoynes speaking to students and faculty at a department event.

To study sociology at Vassar is one of the best ways to obtain a liberal arts education. We invite our students to explore their familiar social environment anew from sociological perspectives and thereby broaden their mind and deepen their understanding of their social world and beyond. Diverse sociological perspectives share their emphasis on “social structures” that shape domestically and globally the distribution of economic, political and cultural power among social groups. We offer a wide range of courses designed to nurture “sociological imagination,” critical awareness of social inequalities, and passion for social justice. Topics of our courses include the body, consumerism and capitalism, development and social change, deviance, education and schooling, food, gender/sexuality, globalization, health and illness, law/crime/prison, mass media and popular culture, public policy, race/ethnicity, social class, and urban issues. Please click “courses” to see the entire list.

Sociology at Vassar is taught by a diverse group of faculty in terms of research interests and personal backgrounds. We welcome students of diverse intellectual and personal backgrounds.