Major Requirements

The following academic requirements appear in the Vassar College Catalogue.

Requirements for the Major:

9 units above the introductory level, including the six core courses PHYS 200, PHYS 202/PHYS 203, PHYS 210,PHYS 240, PHYS 245 and  PHYS 320 and 3 additional 300-level units, at least 2 of which must be chosen from PHYS 341 and PHYS 375 (may be taken more than once). The third unit can be any 300-level course, including those listed above that have a sufficient emphasis on a physics-related topic, as approved by the department (i.e., ASTR 320 or ASTR 322). Physics/Astronomy double majors may count at most two from ASTR 320, ASTR 322, and ASTR 340 towards these 3 additional 300-level units, and must choose the third unit from PHYS 341 and PHYS 375. In addition to these nine units, students must complete MATH 220, and MATH 228. Additional recommended Mathematics courses: MATH 221. PHYS 200, PHYS 202, PHYS 203, and PHYS 210should be taken prior to the beginning of the junior year. PHYS 240 and PHYS 320 should be taken prior to the beginning of the senior year.

After the declaration of a physics major, no physics courses or courses counted towards the major may be elected NRO. Prospective majors should consult the department as soon as possible and are strongly advised to elect physics and mathematics as freshmen. Those majors planning on graduate work in physics are strongly advised to complete MATH 221 and additional 300-level Physics courses and students are encouraged to consult with the department concerning other courses in the natural sciences which may supplement the physics major.

Physics Teaching Certification:

Physics majors who wish to obtain Secondary Certification in physics must complete, in conjunction with the program of study outlined by the education department, three additional units beyond the 6 core units. These 3 units must include one chosen from PHYS 341 and PHYS 375, one as a thesis or independent project (PHYS 300 orPHYS 301) and 1/2 unit each of lab development (PHYS 298) and lab apprenticeship (PHYS 298). Consult Ms. Schwarz.