This is a Web site to collect, save, and share information about the Michigan Terminal System (MTS), the computer time-sharing operating system, and the organizations and people that developed and ran it. The documents, images, recollections, and comments that make up this Web site come from many sources. It is our hope that individuals will contribute many more.

Overview: See the MTS Article on Wikipedia for a good overview of MTS, its architecture, and the sites that developed and ran it.

Software: See the MTS Distributions section of this Web site for information on the availability of MTS software and to download MTS Distributions.

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News and updates

21 March 2018 
Recent additions to Rupert Lane's "Try MTS" web site 

Over the last six months or so, entries for PIL, APL, Assembler G, and GPSS have been added to the Programming languages in MTS section of the "Try MTS" web site. They join the existing entries for BASIC, FORTRAN, MAD (GOM), ALGOL 60, ALGOL W, LISP, UTILISP, PL/1(F), SNOBOL, RATFOR, and FLECS as well as more general information on MTS including how to install, operate, and use it.


10 January 2018 
Jon Sell saved this device from a dumpster many years ago


29 May 2016
Ursus Theodorus at home in 2016

Follow this link for an introduction to Ursus Theodorus.

Follow this link for more photographs of and about Ursus Theodorus.

8 May 2016
Try MTS: Exploring the Michigan Terminal System

Try MTS is a very nice, well done, independent web site, created by Rupert Lane in June 2014. It provides information about installing and running MTS under Hercules and an introduction to using MTS. Since 2014 Lane has continued to update the site with the addition of introductions to eleven (so far) of the programing languages available in the D6.0A version of MTS: BASIC, FORTRAN, MAD (GOM), ALGOL 60, ALGOL W, LISP, UTILISP, PL/1(F), SNOBOL, RATFOR, and FLECS. The most recent updates were made in early 2016.

To see older news and update items, go to the News and Updates archive section of this web site.