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Analytical Balance
Beaker Tongs
Beer's Law Demonstration
Bicarbonate Test for Carboxylic Acids
Blue Litmus Paper
Bromine Test for Alkenes
Buchner Funnel
Bunsen Burner
Calibration of a Small Drop Microburet
Capillary Tube
Cleaning up Waste in Microscale Experiments
Constructing a Concentration Cell
Crucible Tongs
Demonstration of Four Reaction Types
Determining the Concentration of an Unknown Using a 1x12 Well Strip of Color Standards
Eggshell Reaction with HCl
Erlenmeyer Flask
Filter Flask
Flame Test of Ions
General Spatulas
Graduated Cylinder
Gravity Filtration Apparatus
HCl Test for Amines
Hot Plate
Making a Large Drop Microburet
Making a Microstirrer with a Bunsen Burner
Making a Pizza Box Spectroscope
Making a Small Drop Microburet
Making a Standard Solution from a Solid
Making a Standard Solution from a Stock Solution
Measuring Pipet
Melting Point Apparatus
Operation of a Buret
Operation of a Measuring Pipet
Operation of a Serological Pipet
Operation of a Toploading Balance
Operation of a UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
Operation of a Volumetric Pipet
Operation of an Analytical Balance
Performing a Chemical Titration with a Buret
pH Paper
Reaction Matrix Chart
Reaction of Sodium Carbonate and Hydrochloric Acid
Red Litmus Paper
Ring Stand and Accessories
Rubber Bulb Pipet Fillers
Sample Preparation for a Melting Point Apparatus
Serial Acid-Base Titration
Serological Pipet
Short Stem Funnel
Single Well Acid-Base Titration
Spot Plate
Standard Solutions and Sample
Stir Rod
Test Tube and Rack
Test Tube Holder
Toploading Balance
Transfer Pipet
Types of Reactions
Universal Indicator Demonstration
Universal Indicator Next to Ammonia
Universal Indicator Paper
Using Blue Litmus Paper to Identify an Acidic Solution
Using Red Litmus Paper to Identify a Basic Solution
Using Universal Indicator Paper to Determine the Approximate pH of a Solution
Vacuum Filtration
Vacuum Filtration Apparatus
Volumetric Flask
Volumetric Pipet
Wash Bottle
Wash, Rinse, Fill Technique
Watch Glass