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Monday, December 9, 2013







    Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Namaste. I am here tonight with the assistance of the dear sisters(nuns take a bow) to assist Linda Mary Montano's archive to fly the coop. Tonight's send off is sponsored by THE DEEP LISTENING INSTITUTE: LETS GIVE A BIG HAND TO PAULINE OLIVEROS AND IONE; it is sponsored by THE IMOGENE HOLLOWAY GALLERY OF SAUGERTIES, let's give a  Namaste to DIANE DWYER; IT IS ALSO SPONSORED BY the storefront gallery of Kingston  Let's give a hand of applause to Nancy Donskoj. And it is sponsored by ANTHONY, WILLIAM AND LAURIE MONTANO. Big applause for family loyalty and support.Sisters, give these generous supporters a gift from the Montano archive please.  (nuns give out books)

    Now let's open our hearts as an actress from Czechlosovakia, Ms Lalita Lisa Bernard Kelley sings  AMAZING GRACE. Song.Thanks u lalita.(nuns give  Lisa a book)

    Now that we feel these deep vibrations of peace and love, lets offer 7 gifts fro theseven chakras to 7 of the lucky audience members. The good sisters with pick a number and if u want this item please raise ur hand.

    (Sisters pick a number..give to Marc.  here are the 7 chakras. read  according to the number picked.

    1. MULADHARA CHAKRA.  BASE OF SPINE. INTIMACY. Who would like  an Annie Sprinkle Beth Stephens DVD of their 14 WEDDINGS . (They raise hands  , yell, nuns choose who to give it to. This should go fast. don't take a lot of time forgiving these 7 gifts.}

    2. SVADHISTANA CHAKRA. SECOND CHAKRA  , SECURITY. SISTERS CHOOSE. WINNER GETS A working dvd of a collaboration of Linda and  video artist  Tobe Carey.

    3. MANIPURA CHAKRA:  ADRENALS. (MARC  u can touch ur body for each one to indicate location...for humor forget where it is  etc.also sisters can as well.} This is the courage center. The winner gests a signed copy of an article on Montano's early videos  by Steven Kolpan . (Nuns bring it to Steven to sign it.  For humor) then give it to the winner.

    4.ANANHATA CHAKRA  : HEART.  The winner receives a photo-postcard of Mitchell Payne and a series of Montano's postcards from the archive.

    5.VISHUDDHA CHAKRA  (THROAT)..(NUNS HOLD THAT BODY PART AS HE TALKS EACH TIME)....The winner receives a signed copy of  PAULINES  PROVERBS. (Go to Pauline to get  the signature  for humor...Marc  u get  this signature.

    6. AJNA CHAKRA. THIRD EYE. The winner gets a 2 books from Montano's teachers. One book is by Dr. R.S. Mishra , the other is by DR ARUNA MEHTA.

    7. SAHASRARA CHAKRA  PITUITARY GLAND. JOY....Gratitude to the Montano family for believing in Linda's art and life. Winner gets a vintage ceramic dish filled with sage grown in the Montano family garden.


    To celebrate these chakras even more, lets welcome DOCTOR PAUL MCMAHON and his twin, Dr Paul Mcmahon, Jr.  Paul and I sing....nuns and Gandhi, sway/ make hand gestures of ecstasy,as  we  sing.


    DR MARC: Before we all dance the dance of joy, allow me to say a blessing for all of ur artist and lifeist concerns. Marc  prays as we  dovven(go up and down...only if Marc agrees with this....)


    AND PLEASE FIND A PARTNER NOW AND DANCE  THE DANCE  OF LOVE. I play addicted to love. We each dance  according to our inner feeling. After the song, we come together  take a bow and walk up the stairs.
    We will dress upstairs, come dawn the steps . It starts at  3. If nuns could be there 2:45 to greet people that wd be  fab......address 185 abeel st  kingston
    845 399 2502 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 845 399 2502 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting

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