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Saturday, February 15, 2014


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  1. Tell me about yourself?
  3. I am a person who  learned early that there are many different languages and because speaking was not one that I knew or used, I began using my inner mind language and the language of art. Humor was always there  or at least a questioning-ness about what, where, how and why! My mother gave me that gift of questioning and anarchy and my father gave me the gift of mystical absorption in the NOW!
  4. I made art always and watched my grandmother make art instead of "suffer" and I watched my mother do the same...Mom painted and did not dwell on the realities of the shortcomings of life.  I loved that mentoring and always will. My dad gave me music, as did my mom, as they both played  instruments, Dad, and sang, Mom , in their band in the 30's and 40's.
    I am happy to say that I am working on a night-club performance, singing their songs...But as me, that is as a man, holding a puppet chicken. Cant wait.
  5. I am most "alive" when I am performing and my teacher  Shri Brahmananda Saraswati told me once,  'LINDA, YOU MUST ALWAYS PERFORM." Give me an opportunity and I am HAPPY!
  6. Do you have any eye catching scars? How did you get them? If no scars, any tattoos (planned)?
Good question because I have 3 scars on my right hand. One is from when I had my hand in the upper part of an opened trunk of our car, the trunk door was open , and my head and hand were looking in there. Someone was getting something out of the trunk, didn't "see' my head and hand in there and slammed it down on both my hand and head!!!!!!!!!!!!!It was winter in the northeast so I had a big collar on my coat. The trunk came down on the collar and softened the blow but also  on my hand where I have a scar on the back.
SCAR 2 same hand: one day I was playing with a boy in the neighborhood and got mad at him, don't remember why. I was so mad I picked up a stone but instead of throwing it, I squeezed it so hard that it went into my hand at the center of the right palm. NOTE; both of these scars are at the same place that Jesus was nailed  to the cross.
SCAR 3; Last summer I was cleaning a floor at my friend's home and used the wrong soap in the water. It was slippery and I fell and hit the back of same right hand against a wood table and broke 2 metacarpal bones on this POOR RIGHT HAND!!!The fingers have not yet closed properly.
I am open for past life regression in exchange for ART/LIFE COUNSELING!!!!

Did you ever meet someone you admired or had wanted to meet for a long time? Who who who? Was it awesome or disappointing?
In graduate school I had been sending things to EVA HESSE ...things about my shows, my art , cards telling her I liked her work etc.I continued to send her letters and cards. One night I was in bed with my husband to be and said to him, "Somebody has died, somebody has just died." And then the phone rang. I didn't answer and after a few more times of ringing and not answering, I picked up the phone and then put it down, disconnecting it. It rang again and I answered. Someone said, "Eva Hesse just died and I know she would want you to know".
 What very good and/or very bad thing do you predict will happen in the future?
FUTURE BAD:  Water, water water. Not  clean to drink and all over the land.
FUTURE GOOD: WOMEN WOMEN WOMEN. Free, free free to be.
What is the best colour and what do you associate it with (e.g. cherry red, avocado green)?YELLOW-DORIS DAY

This year were you introduced to anything (music/film/food/art/whatevers) that you would recommend (or recommend avoiding)?

Do you have a signature drink? How is it made?
Heat milk(oye, now I feel funny drinking real milk because of images of lactating mothers without their babies on FB. Babies are taken away so cows can give milk!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oye) So heat something like milk, whip it with a wand whipper add water and maybe make believe coffee. But the best is a creamy coffee drink with whipped cream!!!(Can u tell that I was allergic to cows milk as an infant and drank goat's milk because I wasn't breast fed?)
The real best is putting warm milk and turmeric powder in my baby bottle and going to bed and sucking.

Do you have anything going round and round in your head like a song coming into your mind or a memory or have you noticed regularly saying some new phrase you've never said before?

Can you remember any dreams you had when you were a child? If so which one stands out
 DREAM in day , not night, was to run away to TEXAS  ride a horse and play DER ROSENKAVELIER Strauss waltz on my record player(before tape recorders).

What song (or music act) makes you dance?
 Reading your interview Mommy interview I wanted to know more about your role playing work and appropriation of Mother Theresa's image. Could you tell me a little about taking on elements of a well known person and whether afterwards this affects how you feel about yourself and your appearance?
 My teacher said, " You are not the body and mind!" If so, then I am everybody! Plus being others allows me to get out of me which is a wonderful experience. Actors know about this. I call it CREATIVE SCHIZOPHRENIA. I become each person for a reason: Mother Teresa because I was bent over with a neurological disorder; Paul McMahon because he loves so nicely; Bob Dylan because I look like him. If u go to you tube you can see me as  7 different people associated with the 7 chakras. Title of the tape is LEARNING TO TALK.

Is there anything additionally you would like to promote or tell people about?
The DHALI LAMA said that there are two many famous people and not enough people who are compassionate. I am listening to this message and trying to learn from him.
I am 72 and have done 9234487474 interviews. Your questions are fabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb.
Thank you thank you thank you! Geraldine

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